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RPG Smart Pages - what do people think of it?

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  • RPG Smart Pages - what do people think of it?

    For those who don't know what it is. RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp) is a tool by Profound Logic to simplify the creation of CGI programs that generate HTML.
    Similar to PHP, it allows a single source to combine HTML and RPGLE code.

    For those who do know what it is and have used it, I am curious what people think of it?

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    Full disclosure: I work for Profound Logic.

    RPGsp works well.

    The biggest problem with RPGsp isn't really with RPGsp: Its very unusual for RPGers to have the skills to write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. As such, people find that there's a long learning curve to coding with RPGsp. Not for RPGsp itself, I hope you understand, but for learning how to do web programming..

    I'm not sure if we still sell RPGsp to new customers? It has been mostly replaced by tools such as Profound UI and Profound.js, which solve the above problem by providing a drag/drop interface to build screens instead of having to code/maintain all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.


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