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iSphere (Eclipse) Update "No repository found ...." Problem

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  • iSphere (Eclipse) Update "No repository found ...." Problem

    I'm posting this here hoping that it helps others who run into a problem updating iSphere (and maybe other RDi plug-ins). Researching this issue was very frustrating; hopefully this post will help avoid some head-banging!

    The attempt to update failed with the error '"No repository found containing osgi.bundle.com.google.gson.....". This appears to be an Eclipse issue.

    What overcame the issue for me was simply choosing to "Run as Administrator" when starting RDi. (Right-click the RDi icon in Windows to see this in the context menu.)

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    iSphere is a bug festival in my experience, but it is improving. The TN5250J part is a quite old version; I wish I could replace it with a newer .JAR file but a good bit is re-packaged as best as I can tell.I use it in Linux and cannot even save my settings, and macros don't run correctly. I tried to use the older update site to install it before I installed iSphere, but it wouldn't properly update and I get a ton of errors trying to start it. It also loses the connection and leaves the last active screen displaying instead of blanking the screen.


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      Had the same problem (different plugin) after upgrading RDi to Running as Administrator didn't resolve the issue for me nor did a plethora of other suggestions found on the net. In the end, I added the repository at http://download.eclipse.org/releases/oxygen/ and installed the OSGi framework from there. This seemed to install the missing repositories allowing other plugins to install.


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        Thanks, john.sev99. I've added that to my Install/Update > Available Software Sites setting in Preferences.