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Experiencing RDi Issues

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  • Experiencing RDi Issues

    Firstly, thanks to Jamie and the community here, and I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I've been to this site numerous times for reference and troubleshooting. And FWIW, I searched and struggled to try to resolve the issues below. They are more of a nuisance than anything, but the Outline View is very handy when it works properly.

    1. I installed RDi as a user at my new job a couple of months ago. At first everything seemed to behave properly, but then I noticed that source with a copybook D-spec shows a red X and hovering over it shows "Terminating Parser Error. Unexpected token(s) ignored." Huh? Then I started doing some DCL-F statements and getting the "Terminating Parser Error. RPG specifications out of order, parser unable to recover." There are red lines on all my DCL statements after that. The programs, old and new, compile and run without incident.

    2. My RDi Outline View started not populating and the Refresh icon was grayed out when editing RPGLE programs. I went into Prefences and unchecked "Update the Outline view when text is changed in the editor." I restarted RDi and now the Outline shows SOME things, but not subroutines, and some field references only show up for some O-specs that in a particular program. Refresh is now available, but doesn't help. Also, the filter box and other options don't display.
    If I set the Preference back and restart RDi, all the widgets are back, like filtering and sorting, but the "Refresh View" icon is grayed out again and no program outline info is displayed. If I make any change to any line, the "Refresh View" icon becomes available, but clicking it does nothing.


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    What CCSID is your machine?
    Are there any special characters in the copybook file/member names or in the file/format/field/subroutine/names in the source itself?
    Did you perhaps convert all/anything to free-form?
    It is quite common that the outline play silly buggers until one (or more) particular error are resolved.

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      I got similar on multi line free format SQL statements, didn't like CASE, ELSE etc and started adding ENDSELECT on my SELECT statements in the SQL.
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        Thanks for the responses! I got covered up with new projects for a while...

        @KITVB1: You're right -- I took the option to browse the copy book and I saw that it was "looking" at an encrypted version of the source. I added the unencrypted source library to the RDi library list, and after closing and reopening the source -- no more big red X.

        As far as the DCL statements, they seemed to clear up with the copybook fix. I think I had to close and re-open the source -- refresh didn't seem to do the trick.

        Sometimes I will get red underlines on some freshly entered code that I know is correct. I just hit space or something on the line somewhere, leave the line, and the parser is happy again. (Ctrl-Z to undo.) Weird.

        @gcraill: I looked at some free-form SQL statements that I cobbled together previously and I don't see any problems with them. Perhaps you have some other error like I did?


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          ad 2) Sometimes the outline does not populate and the refresh icon is grayed out because of syntax errors in the source.
          Try to compile the source and see the result or press Ctrl+Shift+V to verify the source.
          This might give you a clue where the error is located.



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