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QWTSETP - Libraries question

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  • QWTSETP - Libraries question

    When using QWTSETP, IBM says,
    "The Set Profile Handle (OPM, QWTSETP; ILE, QsySetToProfileHandle) API validates the profile handle, locks the user profile, and changes the current thread to run under the user and group profiles represented by the profile handle. Once the change has been made, any open files and objects allocated by the original profile are accessible to the new profile."

    This may be a dumb question, but does that mean the library list is set to the new profile?

    ERNIE has LIB1, LIB2, LIB3 in his library list.
    BERT has LIB4, LIB5, LIB6

    The job ERNIE calls swaps to use BERT. Is he now looking at files in LIB4, LIB5, LIB6?

    Thank you.

    Figured it out, I think. Testing by displaying the library indicates that I'm going to have to use more API's to get the right libraries for the user I'm swapping to.

    (BTW - Indianapolis is nice in September, most of the time Anyone going to COMMON? )
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    Correct, this does not affect the library list, job description, etc of the job. It just changes the current job to be using the new user profile, and therefore is able to access objects with that user's authority.

    Yes, I will be at COMMON's Fall Conference in Indianapolis.


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      Thanks for the confirmation.

      Now I just need to get the libraries
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