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  • Node.js logon

    I've been dabbling in node.js by creating an app that uses express to create a little web app. The next step in my dabbling is to create a logon page but I'm struggling to find something that will allow me to validate credentials on the system. Passport seems a popular module but it seems to be more centric around getting logon details from a database. Has anyone had experience with node.js and validating a user/password on a system? We're on 7.2 if that matters.

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    I don't use the IBM iToolkit, but could you use something here?

    Can you call an RPG program from Node to use QSYGETPH?

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      I think it depends on what you plan to use the user/pass to do. Remember: Express runs as a single job, and all of the scripts run in that job will run with the same login credentials that started the job. So what is the point of the userid/password? Typically, its used to do something like access a database. Is that what you're doing? If so, validate it against logging on to the database..


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        Thanks for the suggestions.
        Scott. The problem I see is if I run my application, anyone can point their web browser to the port it's listening on and access the web page. I would like to only allow people who have a user id on the system to be able to access it so it makes sense to me to put up a logon page and validate the user id/password. The app will read/update some data so will run under a profile with sufficient authority for its task.
        mjhaston. Thanks for the suggestion. Hadn't thought of doing that, it is definitely a possibility.