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CPYTOIMPF to IFS with *PCASCII but file in server in UNICODE

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  • CPYTOIMPF to IFS with *PCASCII but file in server in UNICODE

    Hi All,

    The purpose is to extract ECIDIIC file with CCSID 37 to staging server in ASNI with .txt file format. The problem is when i transfer file by SFTP to server, the file changed to UNICODE but IFS CCSID is 1252.
    Understand SFTP will not do any conversion, IFS CCSID defined correctly as 1252 and display good in wrklnk.

    Tested two case:-
    1. CPYTOIMPF with *PCASCII and *TRAILING BLANK result good in ANSI file
    2. CPYTOIMPF with *PCASCII without *TRAILING BLANK, result in weird character and is in UNICODE file.

    Any idea why happen this case? Is SFTP file transfer conversion or window detected UNICODE character due to trailing black?

    Case (2) File Data as below:-
    Line ....+....1....+....2....+....3....+
    000001 Z3|
    000002 Z3|
    000003 Z3|
    File in Staging Server display in notepad as below:-

    (A) CL3457P
    File . . . . . CL3457P Attribute . . . . . PF
    Record format length 2000
    Format . . . . RCL3457P Number of fields . . 1

    Field Length Position Text
    TEXTFL 2000 A 1 Data

    1. DSPFD show file CCSID = 37
    2. DSPFFD show field CCSID = 37

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    use a mapped drive to look at the file from a pc and use a good hex editor so you can see exactly what is there. keep it simple for testing.


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