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Connect AS400 from Windows

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  • Connect AS400 from Windows

    i want to code an Windows APP with Node-JS on Windows and the APP should interact with out AS400.
    The in interaction should be like running SQL-Scripts and running batch programs.

    At the End i want to have an exe (from node.js/electron) that could run on every Windows-Cleint in the network where the AS400 lives :-)

    I tried already to install node-jt400 on my win10 but the installation crashed several times on different client.
    Now my question :
    Are the other ways to let the App connect to the AS400 ?
    I am looking for a easy way because the APP should run on other machines and then i dont want to install licpgms ore like that.

    Is it possible to run a HTTP-SERVER that receives HTTP_POSTs or an REST-API on the AS400 ?

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    I guess it depends on how old your AS/400 is. If you're actually running current IBMi, then you can run webservices with a variety of different languages (including Node). You can also expose existing ILE programs as webservices using built-in tools.


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      Another option might be direct Db2 access. With the proper driver, you could access Db2 data directly or native programs wrapped in stored procedures.

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