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    Re: popup window error

    for CF03 and CF12 and RTNCSRLOC

    Did you allready have them on your DDS ?

    See your DDS and look if you have
    CF03 and CF12 specified ( see after DSPSIZ )


    I hope did not define a window display screen
    in the same DDS where you coded the DSPLY subfile!

    Remove all that F03 F03WIN code out of the DSPLY subfile !

    Make (create) a new dsply for your Window only!

    in your RPG prog add an F-line with that dsply name
    in my case it was: WINF03D --> change it to your DSPLY name
    ** D I S P L A Y                      
    FWINF03D   CF   E             WORKSTN 
    then in your program, to pop up the window
    C                   EXFMT     F03



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      Re: popup window error

      yes marc i have already a prompt defined in the same diplay file but for another screen name
      want to see the code?


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        Re: popup window error

        A simpler version of a DDS window !

        The smallest code for a popup window I can think of !

        Make a new DDS WINF03D

        A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)               
        A          R F03                                                     
        A                                      WINDOW(2 10 11 26 *NOMSGLIN)     
        A                                      CA03(03)                         
        A                                      KEEP                             
        A                                      FRCDTA                           
        A                                      OVERLAY                          
        A                                      USRRSTDSP                        
        A                                      WDWBORDER((*COLOR BLU))          
        A*                                     RMVWDW                           
        A                                      BLINK  
        A* DEFINE YOUR TEXT HERE                          
        A                                  1  8'Windowname'                     
        A                                  3  2'char'                           
        A                                  6  2'nbr'                            
        A                                 11  2'F3=Exit'                        
        A* DEFINE YOUR FIELDS HERE                        
        A            FLD001        10A  B  3  8           
        A            FLD002        10A  O  4  8           
        A            FLD003         3Y 0B  6  8EDTCDE(4)  
        A            FLD005         3S 0O  7  8
        don't forget to include the disply in the F-line of your rpgprogram.

        then in RPG

        C exfmt F03

        Try it !


        If you want to post your code that you have:
        then POST the whole DDS, not just a part of it !
        or I can not see what you are doing !

        The best way to write a DDS window for a program
        is to write a new DDS and the rpgcode to handle window.

        Then you call it from your existing program !

        So, if you write progA and you want a popupwindow for progA

        ! then you write a little ProgB and for it, a DDSWindow !

        In ProgB you program a Plist with a incoming parameter,
        you exftm the WindowProgB , then you do
        -> your calculation, update (write) a file...
        or give back the parameter out with the new value!

        The best thing I can say: make a popup program that runs on itself !
        Then try it to include it in your existing program !

        Like we use to say at home, don't run if you can't walk !


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          Originally posted by casporov View Post
          hi all
          having the screen in my dds
          it is giving me error when i compile it

          what should i change?

          Thanks in advance

          A R F03
          A WINDOW(17 17 5 30)
          A OVERLAY
          A WDWTITLE((*TEXT 'TEST'))
          A 29 51 19 7'Account:'

          Errors in DDS not allowed with specified GENLVL.

          * CPD7830 30 1 Message . . . . : Start line number too large

          19500 A 29 51 19 7'Account:'
          Hi, how about me in 2019? I am a programmer in as400 of base 2 (26 years old). I think the error is that it is not allowed to have any line attached to the edges, that is, if you leave a space line, everything will run normal.