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Display multiple windows at once

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  • Display multiple windows at once

    I have an application that calls various programs all of which display either single record or sub file windows based on options selected.

    The first program displays a window and requires a date and some other information. When the user presses Enter, another window is displayed where they can select various options that relate to what they entered in the previous window and depending on their selection from this window, other windows will be displayed. Some of the windows could be sub files based on their previous selections.

    I know there is a limit regarding the number of sub files that can be displayed at one time but i will never reach that limit. At most i could have maybe 5-6.

    Now, here's my issue:
    When the first window is displayed from the menu option chosen, that window overlays the menu so you still see the menu behind the window. When the next window appears, some times it erases the entire display leaving only the active window and other times, it leaves the display intact. I cannot figure out what I'm missing or doing wrong. Ideally, I want each window overlaying the previous so they can see the selections made and if they press F12=Previous, go back a program to change their selections.

    I have a dummy format in every display file with overlay and keep selected as well as overlay on the window sub file record and control format (i use a window record for the function keys and to control the window size and location.)

    I know this can be done just can't figure out how.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    do you compile as:
    PHP Code:
    all dummy records should have keyword:
    PHP Code:
         R DUMMY                                    
                                 1  3
    ' ' 
    All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As400"
    and I take no responsibility for any of them.



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      Yes, I have the ASSUME keyword specified and the one byte field in the record.
      I'll need to look at the RSTDSP keyword on the compile command.

      Thank you.
      Everyday's a school day, what grade are you in?


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