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  • System Distribution Directory

    Is it possible to check for a user enrollment in the System Distribution Directory via a CL command?

    I thought i would try the ADDDIRE command and monitor for an error stating that the user exists already but that didn't work because the command throws a message id CPD8983 that isn't monitorable, progression of the program in debug when this error is thrown steps right over the monitor statement for it. Maybe because the message is a *DIAG, I'm not sure.

    What I'm trying to do is:
    I have a program that generates a report and sends it via the SNDSMTPEMM command. Unfortunately, this command needs the directory entry of the user being emailed. Since some or many could end up calling this program, I wanted to check for and add the user running the program, in the program, to avoid hearing "it doesn't work" since I can't display a message on line 24.

    (Yes, the message on line 24 issue is still a problem for those of you that offered assistance.)

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    I thought there might be some indication in the OS system catalog user_info, but I took a quick look (select * from user_info) and did not see anything. I might have missed it though, so take a look.

    I do recall seeing the a system catalog that contained the System Distribution Directory entries, but I do not recall the name of the catalog.



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      I found this in a google search https://www-01.ibm.com/support/docvi...d=nas8N1021504 that identifies an api QOKSCHD for searching the directory along with links to the documentation for various OS versions.


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