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Change default size for sys-created EVFEVENT?

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  • Change default size for sys-created EVFEVENT?

    We use Implementer for compiles/promotions, and Implementer creates a dedicated library on the fly for each promotion request.

    I assume because it's a new library, it does not already have an EVFEVENT file, so the compile command creates one

    Some of the programs I deal with are so large that the default max records for EVFEVENT is not enough. That means whenever I use Implementer to compile them, the compile job always goes into MSGW because EVFEVENT is full, requiring me to answer the message and increment the file. It's annoying

    You can use CHGPF to permanently change the file max records, but that only works when it's an existing file, not one created on the fly by the compile command

    Is there any way to change the default initial size that EVFEVENT has when it's created by a compile command?

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    You could add message CPA5305 in the system reply list (WRKRPYLE) , using EVFEVENT as the comparison data with a value of 9999 for the message reply. Make sure the job description used in implementor has INQMSGRPY(*SYSRPYL).

    This way anytime a message is generated with message CPA5305 it will automatically respond to the message with 9999.


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