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  • WRKJOBSCDE - Issues

    Morning guys,

    Got a bit of a strange one, randomly last moth an automated report that I configured just ceased working correctly.
    The report is based from a scheduled task in WRKJOBSCDE, ouput to QGPL\%, I then read from there and put into a presentable format / email out....

    I went into WRKJOBSCDE, tried to view the last submission and it reported the job couldn't be found.

    However if I check "DSPMSG QSECOFR" - The job completed successfully

    Now, that job isn;t relative to the report that failed, but over 30 jobs show no info for last submission & the output files aren't in QGPL with the latest data, suggesting these didn't run.
    The reason I showed the QSECOFR one is because it's the only one that shows in dspmsg. If I have a job with no submission from user DWMS016, then the job doesnt show in dspmsg dwms016....

    Any standard user who has stored jobs doesn;t have a message in dspmsg.

    Can anyone shed some light on a) why my jobs all crapped out and b) how I can resolve without rebuilding them all from scratch.

    If you need any more info then let me know, I'm just about to go to bed.


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    Option 8 will only show that job if it is still in the system. If it ran and completed normally and there is no spooled output you will see the message you get. I believe that option 8 is the same as WRKJOB ..... If you use option 5 it will show you the last submission. If you need to see the job log for troubleshooting you can add this at the end of the job stream - DSPJOBLOG OUTPUT(*PRINT) .


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