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Thread: field name as variable

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    Exclamation field name as variable

    Here's a sample of using embedded SQL to retrieve the value of a database field when the field name comes from another variable:
    PHP Code:
         D FieldName       s             10A
         D Stmt            s            500A
         D Result          s             50A

    *ENTRY        PLIST
         C                   PARM                    Field            10

    EVAL      Stmt 'SELECT ' + %trimr(Field)
    C                                  ' from CUSTMAS'
    c                                  ' where CUSTNO=1316'

    C/exec sql          set option naming=*sys
    /exec sql          prepare sqlstmt from :stmt
    /exec sql          declare C1 cursor for sqlstmt
    /exec sql          open C1
    /exec sql          fetch from C1 into :Result
    /exec sql          close C1

         C                   dsply                   Result
    eval      *inlr = *ON 

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