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Journal Receiver Report

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  • Journal Receiver Report

    Spec: I wanted a quick and nasty report that let me see what journal receivers were in a library with their size. This is so if my journal ASP starts getting too full I can quickly identify if it is one of our main journals getting hammered etc. An option using the F11 key toggles it from detailed to summary view.

    It works at my end (V5R3M0)

    Restore the objects from the save file to the library you want to run the utility from (source is included as well in the save file)
    It assumes you will have this library in your library list as a matter of normal BAU setup. The first time it is called it asks you to seleect the default options.
    1. RCVLIB - Required. This is the default library you want to scan for *JRNRCV objects.
    2. PGMLIB - Required. This is where the programs will reside.
    3. DTALIB - Optional. I interface with another journal management utility and I list the library name here for that. Set to *NONE from your end.

    Use RCVRPT *INSTALL to reconfigure the default library names
    Use RCVRPT to run the report over the default library selected earlier
    use RCVRPT LIBABC to override the default RCVLIB and run the report over library LIBABC instead.
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