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Printer won't do reports through AS400; what do we need to fix?

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  • Printer won't do reports through AS400; what do we need to fix?

    Thank you in advance for your help. I am not a coder or AS400 Admin, so I have no idea what I'm doing. However, I am good at following instructions, so, if you can lay out a solution, I'm hoping it will work! I have been through seven people and four hours of help, and we only have a workaround solution that will not work when our whole department upgrades printers. So:

    1. I had an HP 2035 that printed using a USB Port only. I could run reports that went through the Gumbo Spooled File screen, followed by a little yellow character on the bottom left of the print window, followed by a printed report on my printer.
    2. We upgraded my printer to an HPM402dne. I can print from any program in Windows, no problem. I can print a screenshot from AS400. When printing a report, the document goes through the outqueue, the little yellow characters show up on the print screen, but no printed document on my printer.
    3. Go to Printer Preferences in the printer window, select another printer (Konica Minolta), then run a report - outqueue, yellow characters, and a printed report results on the Konica.
    4. Change back to this printer and no printed document results.

    The only other thread I've found on this is here: http://www.code400.com/forum/forum/i...ms-don-t-print

    But the solution there was to create an IP address for the printer. We can't do that here. We have 40 people in our department and hundreds of people in our building. We've done an IP Address for now to make sure it prints, but this is not a permanent solution. The AS400 team said they had the same problem with the HP2035 when they first started using them, then they 'suddenly started working as direct USB instead of with an IP address.'

    I'm no computer guy, but the printer model is listed on the iSeries printer page: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docvie...d=nas8N1019534

    Shouldn't the printer work? What are we missing? Screenshots and direct instructions are helpful, as I have no clue what I'm doing otherwise (at least compared to actual AS400 coders and admins - I'm looked at as the tech guy in my department of 40 accountants, so I don't think I'll be breaking anything if your instructions are legit).

    Sorry for the novel. Thanks!

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    You show us documentation and say "it is listed", but I don't see it listed... I closest one I see is "HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer M402dn." Is that the same printer? (Could be, I don't know.)

    Assuming that it is. The docs say that it should be configured with HPT as one of *HP4000, *HP5SI or *RICOHAP3200. Have you done that?

    It also says that it can be PJL, SNMP or LPR. (Personally, I'd use SNMP given those options.) Have you done that?

    More informatiom about what you've tried (rather than just "it doesn't work") would be very helpful.


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      So your printer was local to your PC and you printed to it from your AS400 [sic]. You changed the local printer, and the new printer will not print. To print to a local PC printer, the printer must be shared. Is the new printer shared, and does it have the same share name?


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