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RFE 122252 - RDi debug, allow step over of Exec SQL statements

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  • RFE 122252 - RDi debug, allow step over of Exec SQL statements

    I had another post discussing two feature ideas for RDi debug of RPGLE - allow Step Over of EXSR statements, and allow Step Over of Exec SQL Statements. It made it to 15 votes, and was then denied - apparently it's not feasible to step over an EXSR. I can't see how it's any different from stepping over a subprocedure call, but oh well...

    The denial comments said to raise a new RFE for Step Over of Exec SQL Statements, which I have done. Link below, please vote:


    Currently when debugging RPG code with RDi in *SOURCE view, Step Into and Step Over will have to be pressed an unknown number of times to clear a single Exec SQL Statement. This is because the SQL Precompiler replaces Exec SQL Statements with multiple assignments and procedure calls that are invisible in *SOURCE view, but visible in *LIST view. Step Over on an Exec SQL statement in *SOURCE view should step over the invisible SQL code and skip to the first executable line after the Exec SQL Statement.

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    It's only made it to 10 votes so far. Bumping in the hopes that more people will see the post and vote


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