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RDi debug Step Over feature idea

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  • RDi debug Step Over feature idea

    When debugging with RDi, I sometimes find myself wishing that Step Over would do the following:

    Step over EXSR statements
    Since it steps over subprocedures, it would make sense to me to step over subroutines too

    Step over Exec SQL statements
    The sql precompile replaces exec sql statements with assignments and a procedure call, which you have to step through one at a time, regardless of if the view is *LIST or *SOURCE (unless you set a breakpoint after it you can skip to). If you are in *SOURCE view you cannot see this, it just highlights the exec sql line for every actual line. And if you set a breakpoint on the exec sql line, every actual line counts as that breakpoint. For all those reasons, I wish I could step over an exec sql statement in debug

    Anyone else think these would be useful?

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    Yes. I suggest you open an RFE and post the link here.


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