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Migrate RDi filters, snippets, keyboard customizations, etc.

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  • Migrate RDi filters, snippets, keyboard customizations, etc.

    My hard drive has failed and I can't boot into Windows on it anymore. However, I can get to most of the files by inserting the drive into a hard drive docking station.

    I have a new hard drive with Windows 7 and am going through the process of loading software, etc.

    On my new hard drive, I have loaded RDi 9.6. My old one had RDi 9.5.1, I think. I would like to salvage my old filters, snippets, commands, keyboard customizations, etc. What files are these things stored in and where am I likely to find them on the old drive so that I can then bring them into my new RDi installation? And how do I import them? Do I just try to put the old files in the same folder on the new drive?


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    All that information will be in the workspace you were using. Copy the whole workspace to your new hard drive. You should be able to open a workspace from an old version with your new RDI version.

    I believe the default workspace location is C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\IBM\rationalsdp\workspace, but you may have had it in some other folder.


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      I had an issue with losing some Filter Pools last year.

      Here is what I learned, I hope it helps.

      The Filter Pools live in this directory \<workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.rse.co re\profiles\<profileName>\

      There is a folder for each Filter Pool in the directory noted above.

      There is a file within each Filter Pool directory named node.properties



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        Yay! I did indeed find the workspace folder in C:\Users\[my username]\IBM\rationalsdp and copying this folder onto my new drive in the same location and then opening RDi worked beautifully. It warned me that the workspace was created in an earlier version and then started up perfectly. Thanks!


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