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Can hardly do anything in this Forum

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  • Can hardly do anything in this Forum

    I had an existing account and set up a new one which I'm using now. I have tried to contact the webmaster twice and go no response back each time. I don't see any way to respond to comments on a topic. If I try an access My Profile or My Recent Posts get a not authorized message back. I get the exact same thing on my existing account. Not sure what else I can do now. With a number of the top IBM i gurus here, it is a very valuable forum. Thanks to Scott Klement for responding to my XML-INTO topic!!

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    Jamie is the site admin, he's not been online for a couple of weeks. I don't know if anyone else has the rights needed to set your profile right.
    Hopefully he is just taking a shortish break and will be back soon.

    jamie flanary
    the smoking gnu


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