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Hello from Indiana

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  • Hello from Indiana


    I'm Melissa and I work for a big corporation based in a small town. I originally was a mainframe COBOL programmer. Everything I know about ISeries programming has been learned through other people and GOOGLE! I had one course, early on, but couldn't follow it very well at the time. I've posted a couple of questions, and would really like to thank everyone for the help! I haven't been able to update my own posts to say thank you, but I am so grateful to you all!
    In fact, I'll likely be posting again today.

    I basically tell people that I'm an old lady. My family bought an IBM PC back in 1982/1983 - my brother still has it - and that's where I learned how to create programs. I did this mainly the same way I do it today-I had books of game code that I copied and then modified (this was BASICA).

    Please forgive me if I post to the wrong forum or ask dumb questions. Sometimes I just need to be pointed in the right direction - someone giving me a key term often helps me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Have a lovely day and a great weekend.

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    Welcome to the forum Melissa, and thank you for sharing your IBM i story. I hope you find the answers you need. Remember dumb questions only come from those who don't listen to the answers
    the smoking gnu


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