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Iseries is dropping user connections

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  • Iseries is dropping user connections

    Hello people, since about 2 days if our users go a few minutes without activity on their clients, the connection is being dropped, but not gracefully. Users aren't being sent to the login screen, rather they just get a hung screen and then get disconnected.

    These are some of the errors i get on the user log: (roughly translated)

    Message . . . . : -pdm
    70 07/05/10 10:37:59.658016 QWSERROR QSYS 0628 QWSSPEND
    Message . . . . : A request of device FLEONB2 has stopped the session

    Cause . . . . . : Request of closure is related to a feed desconnection, error in the device or expired time in the ASCII controller. Close the files and disable the device (VRYCFG). If the problem persists, use ANZPRB.
    30 07/05/10 10:37:59.713336 QWSERROR QSYS 064A QWSSPEND
    Message . . . . : Input/Output request failed. Consult CPF5140.

    Does anyone have an idea? This is making programming in websphere tedious, since if you don't save your code in less than about 5-10 minutes you will get disconnected. This worked fine a few days ago.

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    Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

    QDEVRCYACN is set to *MSG and QDSCJOBITV is set to 180. QSTGLOWLMT is set to 5% and our hard drive is 77% full


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      Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

      dspsyssts. How active / faulting is the system.
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        Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

        Here is the output of that command, however i don't know how to interpret those values (i am not an admin, just an affected programmer)
        For what i understand, faulting is low (3.3 on one system bd-wise, 5.1 no-bd wise)

        PHP Code:
        Agrup  Tam. (M)  Tam. (M)   Máximo  -----BD-----  ---No BD----
        sist.    agrup   reservado  activo  Falta  Págs.  Falta  Págs.
        1     1000.00    154.19    +++++     .0     .0     .0     .0
          2     1656.76      5.54      163     .0   1485    1.7   13.2
          3     1600.00       .00       45     .1     .4    1.4    1.6
          4     1200.00       .07       70    3.3   17.4    5.1    6.4
          5      200.00       .00       20     .0     .0     .0     .0 


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          Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

          Hi Fjleon:

          What are the system values for QINACTITV and QINACTMSGQ. Qinactmsgq can be set to *endjob.

          Hope that helps
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            Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

            QINACTITV: 60 minutes

            I guess that you are right in that it should be set on *ENDJOB but since it is 60 minutes it is high enough for it not to be causing the problem.
            I am wondering if the problem is somewhere else (switches, firewall, antivirus) and the iseries is just responding to it.


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              Re: Iseries is dropping user connections

              Check with your network people and see if any changes were made to the LAN or Firewalls. Most of the time, if it was working fine until a day or so ago, that's usually the case. We have had that issue numerous times where a change is made that "supposedly" isn't going to have issues with connections and ultimately does.


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