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QSYSMSG Message Queue

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  • QSYSMSG Message Queue

    We've got a QSYSMSG message queue created, which we monitor with the idea being that we'll be notified of serious system issues (IBM says: "QSYSMSG is a queue that you can create if you plan to handle the list of serious messages that are sent to the queue.").

    Unfortunately, certain serious messages may or may not be sent to QSYSMSG, apparently depending on the SRC code involved (which is weird because the SRC isn't part of the message). Anyway, we received a CPPEA02 -
    "*Attention* Contact your hardware service provider now." Seems pretty serious, but it didn't make the cut - never hit QSYSMSG.

    So, I'm wondering about using the relatively new MESSAGE_QUEUE_INFO function - this SQL easily finds these messages:

    PHP Code:
    select message_text from QSYS2.MESSAGE_QUEUE_INFO
    where message_text like 
    But I don't want to have to run this SQL constantly to find these fairly rare messages. Does anyone know of a way to use this function or a duplicate of the function to trigger an external action, like sending an email if "Attention" is found in message text?



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