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HTTPAPI http headers with mixed ccsid's and base64 encoding

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  • HTTPAPI http headers with mixed ccsid's and base64 encoding

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am using httpapi to communicate with eBay and am required to add base64 encoded tokens into the headers when refreshing user access tokens. The problem I am having is that I have a mix of CCSID's. My job is in CCSID 37, but in order to get the correct encoding, I need to convert the tokens into CCSID 1208 prior to encoding them in base64. Once they are encoded, I cannot append them to a CCSID 37 string. When I attempt to do that I get an error message telling me I cannot convert from CCSID 1208 to CCSID 37.

    I have registered a procedure with httpapi to set all my headers. But it is creating the headers in ccsid 37. I am sure others have had to deal with this as well. Is the solution to create all additional headers in a CCSID 1208 string or is there something in httpapi that will handle this for me? Also, if I need to create my headers in a CCSID 1208 string, is it enough to simply place the CCSID keyword onto the prototype for the registered procedure?

    Here is what my headers should look like:
    --header 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

    The long string of X's is base64 encoded starting from CCSID 1208, but all the rest of the header in CCSID 37.

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    HTTPAPI has a built-in ability to set the authorization header... take a look at the HTTP_SetAuth() routine. It seems odd to me that you are trying to do this manually. Likewise, content-type is automatically set... if you set it manually, you'll end up with two content type headers.

    If you do need to do it manually (and I really don't understand why you would... unless there's something else besides authorization?) then... well, I don't understand the problem. Yes, you have to encode the data when it's already converted to 1208. But, why would you have to convert it back to 37?


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