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print a report as Portrait and Landscape

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  • print a report as Portrait and Landscape

    Hi All,

    How to print a report as Portrait and Landscape.?

    Is there any parameter that i we have to give it in the Compiletime of the
    Printer file?

    PLease suggest


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    Re: print a report as Portrait and Landscape

    This is most likely due to your print file settings. The default on the CRTPRTF command is to create a print file with a width of 132 characters. The HP Laserjets will print in landscape mode a file defined as 132 characters in width, regardless of how much is used. Use either the CHGPRTF or CRTPRTF commands to specify a width of 80 characters on your print file and you should be printing in portrait mode. If you are still not printing in a portrait mode, check the options on your HP printer menu.

    Try 122 chars if you're doing compressed print (CPI-15). Most laser printer configurations use a PAGRTT (page rotate) parameter of *AUTO or *COR (computer output reduction) to force-fit their output on an 8 1/2" x 11" page. When you have a short-width print output and want it to print full-size, the default still assumes that it should be size-reduced and rotated anyway. Rather than change the print file, have the luck with most laser printer setups by doing an OVRPRTF with PAGRTT(0), setting the rotation to zero, which also seems to abort the *COR shrinking, and gives the portrait output.


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