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How to use Mixed Format DDS

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  • How to use Mixed Format DDS

    I have a display file where all but one record format is 27 x 132. When I simply change the DSPSIZ keyword from DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4) to DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4 24 80 *DS3) and compile I get an error : Subfile control record overlaps subfile record. I didn't get that error before the change. The program checks to see if the emulation session can handle 27 x 132 and if it can't, I want a 24 x 80 record format to display telling the user that their session does not currently support a 27 x 132 display and then end the program. The *DS3 record format is within 24 x 80. I have another record format that is within 24 x 80 that I want to always be *DS4. The subfile and subfile control record formats are both beyond 24 x 80. I don't want to dynamically switch the record formats between *DS3 and *DS4 but I guess DSPMOD is an execution time directive. I just want to get rid of the subfile error that didn't occur until adding *DS3 and have the one record format always display as *DS3. I have tried for hours to get it to work using DSPMOD but nothing works. I will thank you in advance as I don't think my user profile allows me to reply to my own thread. I reported it but no response. Thanks.

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    Two weeks old, but if you're still having trouble, can you post the various SFL* DDS source lines?

    I just saw your post. If you still can't add to the thread, send the DDS to me in a private message, and I'll post them here. New members can ask questions but can't add to threads until a moderator approves. I think they can send messages though.

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