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The dreaded QTMMSENDMAIL... problem with sending email outside of local domain

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  • The dreaded QTMMSENDMAIL... problem with sending email outside of local domain

    I know this is probably a configuration issue, but I am not sure where it is I need to make a change. I'm sending an email to multiple addresses. This is not normally an issue. We have automated emails that have been working great with multiple addresses within our local domain. The problem I'm running into is that one of the addresses has a different domain than our local. So, address1@localdomain.com;address2@lo...rentdomain.com.

    Address1 and address2 receive the emails just fine. Address3 does not receive the email. I contacted our network people, and they say that although they did see the messages come through for address1 and address2, they saw nothing for address3. This tells me the problem is probably on the IBMi configuration set up. I have been monkeying around with the sendemail wrapper, trying different things like the order of the addresses or moving the non local domain address to the copy to instead of the send to. When I set the send from address as my own address instead of the 'no-reply' we usually use, I actually got an undeliverable reply for address 3, with the message being the host was not able to resolve recipient's address for address 3. The host being (IBMi name) If it helps, the from address on the undeliverable message is QGATE@(IBMi name).hq.office.local.

    Address 3 is a valid address, and I've sent email messages many times from Outlook to this address. My question is, what does the IBMi use to validate the address? I had thought we routed the emails to our network exchange server for validation and transmittal, but I'm guessing there is some validation going on before routing it?

    I'd appreciate any direction.

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    It sounds like it may be a DNS issue...are you able to ping the domain of the email address from the system? If not, you may need to set up your DNS in CFGTCP option 12 (page down).

    You don't mention the release you're at, but there have been changes to SMTP...chances are that you may also need to duplicate the entry in CHGSMTPA's MAILROUTER parameter in the fairly new FWDHUBSVR parameter as well.




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      This is from the 7.1 Memo to Users as there was a change. I think you can figure out your settings from this description based on how you want it to work. We ran into it when we upgraded.

      5.6.3 MAILROUTER feature changes

      This feature can be used either by using the Change SMTP attributes
      (CHGSMTPA) command parameter MAILROUTER or through the IBM i Navigator
      SMTP server properties general tab under Mail router. The MAILROUTER
      feature before i 7.1 would in some instances, forward all mail to the
      mail router even if the e-mail address could be resolved. In i 7.1,
      MAILROUTER correctly forwards to the mail router only when the e-mail
      address does not resolve.

      The FWDMAILHUB feature was added in i 6.1 that allowed the forwarding of
      e-mail to a single address. This feature can be used either by using the
      CHGSMTPA parameter FWDMAILHUB or through the IBM i Navigator SMTP server
      properties general tab under Forwarding mailhub domain. FWDMAILHUB
      always forwards the e-mail and does not attempt a resolve. MAILROUTER
      only supports A and AAAA records, while FWDMAILHUB supports MX, CNAME,
      AAAA, and A.

      For those customers that expect all e-mail to be forwarded to their mail
      router then copy the value of MAILROUTER to FWDMAILHUB, and set
      MAILROUTER to *NONE as this is a mail hub. For those that expect only
      e-mail that cannot be resolved to be forwarded to their mail router
      leave the configuration as-is. Customers that want the SMTP server to
      resolve an address before forwarding to the mail hub, must use
      MAILROUTER, as FWDMAILHUB does not resolve the address. Changing these
      values may require a SMTP server restart.

      The resolve path is now:

      Forwarding Mail hub(if defined)->
      Absolute Address/First part of source route->
      mailrouter(if same domain)->
      mailrouter(different domain) if FIREWALL(*YES).


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